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Nautical Shipyard Mimì

The shipyard, as frequently happens, has its origin from family traditions close to the sea. From Salvatore Senese, promoter of the company, which today is every days in yard, this tradition has been trasmitted
to his sons, particulary Domenico. The brand Mimì has affirmed itself in the national market proposing a range of models characterized by high standards of quality and materials. The yard had its
origin in 1975. The first models of boats signed by Mimì were a gozzo of 4.60 mt and a fiberglass launch. Step by step, the yard has started to widen its production, to satisfy the ever-growing demand, the

company finds a new shipyard succeeding also in widening its own market abroad. trough an organized net of dealers, today Mimì export its own brand with boats of great quality all over Europe and Asia